Principal investigator

Mauricio Suárez is the Principal Investigator in charge of this Marie-Curie project. He specializes in the history and philosophy of science, foundations of physics, and the philosophy of probability. He originally trained as an astrophysicist, and went on to pursue postgraduate work in the philosophy of science and scientific methodology. His research interests include models and scientific representation (where he is known for his defense of an inferential conception), the philosophy of quantum physics (where he has defended a role for causation and dispositions), and the philosophy of causality (where he has defended evidential but not semantic contextualism). He also has a long standing interest in aesthetics and its role in scientific methodology. In recent years he has been articulating a novel pragmatist account of propensities or probabilistic dispositions as explanatory posits of theory.

Suárez is a tenured professor at Madrid’s Complutense University, and a long-term research associate of the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science at the LSE. He has held positions at Oxford, St Andrews, Bristol and Northwestern Universities. He was also a regular visiting scholar at Harvard’s Philosophy Department whilst affiliated to the Real Colegio Complutense at Harvard between 2007 and 2011. He leads a small pioneering research group at Complutense, which has done much to invigorate and revitalize analytical philosophy of science in Spain. He has also played a role in fostering pan-European philosophy of science, for instance as one of the founding members of the European Philosophy of Science Association, and the Convener and Chair of its Founding Conference.