IP Seminar: ProbPropCond
Programme 2013/14: Chances, Probabilities, and Conditionals
5.15pm, Room 243, second floor, Senate House, WC1


Autumn 2013

Tue 29 Oct
Dorothy Edgington, Birkbeck College
Credence, Chance, and Conditionals

Tue 26 Nov
Philip Dawid, Cambridge University
Individual Risk: Does it Exist?

Tue 10 Dec
Richard Bradley, London School of Economics
Counterfactuals and Chances

Spring 2014

Tues 28 Jan
Luke Fenton-Glynn, University College London
Unsharp Best System Chances

Tues 25 Feb
Charlotte Werndl, London School of Economics
Deterministic and Indeterministic Modelling: Underdetermination and Indirect Evidence

Tues 25 Mar
Orri Stefansson, London School of Economics
Counterfactual Desirability

Tues 27 May
Hugh Mellor, University of Cambridge
How to Believe a Conditional

Admission Free. All Welcome.

Convener: Mauricio Suárez (Mauricio.Suarez@sas.ac.uk)


Sponsored and Funded by the European Commission under a personal Marie-Curie grant to Prof. Dr. Mauricio Suárez (Complutense University of Madrid): Project number: 329430 “ProbPropCond” FP7-PEOPLE-2012-IEF